Friday, 6 January 2012

Emery Cloth vs. Sandpaper (Fun Fact Friday)

Ever wondered what the difference between emery cloth and sandpaper is?

Emery cloth uses particles from a very hard rock, emery, as an abrasive. Emery contains metal components, including aluminum oxide and iron. It is glued onto a woven backing, providing a sturdier base. Emery cloth is primarily used in metalwork.

Sandpaper, on the other hand, consists of an abrasive grit glued onto paper, and is commonly used in woodworking. The grit can be made of a number of different substances. A common mineral used in current-day sandpaper is aluminum oxide, but depending on the fineness of the grit, it can vary. Historically, sandpaper has been made from many materials including sand, glass frit, shark skin, coelacanth scales and seeds.

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