Monday, 19 September 2011

Music Playlist (Music Monday)

True to my proposed tradition of "Music Monday" I am posting a brief contribution to the theme (even if Monday is only in session for another forty minutes).

Here is a playlist of music that I made for a friend: I hope you like it.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Free Music Downloads (Music Monday)

Welcome to my new blog. I thought I'd start off by giving you some links to free music downloads. Click on the titles to access the links. Enjoy!

"All Day" by Girl Talk
Girl Talk is mostly known for the copyright controversy surrounding his music because he mixes and samples popular songs to create brilliant new tunes. In the name of intellectual freedom Girl Talk has made the album, "All Day" available for free download on his site.

Single Dubstep Downloads (Courtesy of Dubstep Music Facebook Page)
"Every Night" (SPL Bootleg Remix) feat. Jeannine Hebb by Breakfast
"Shamone" by Diesel
"Here Comes The Drastik" by Genetix
"Drop Dem" by Genetix
"Show Me Love" (Dubstep Refix) by Mr. Vermin
"Big Dogz" by Substantial Error & Break Noise
"Lost In Deep" by Synkro
"Pumped Up Kicks" (Vaksi Remix)

Dubstep for Deepheads
19 tracks available for free download!